What is Autism?
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that affects a person in various ways. It is a life changing disorder that affects a person's social skills, the functioning of the brain and several skills. A person diagnosed with ASD will also be affected by some possible issues that impair the quality of their life. Since this disorder is located on a spectrum, it means that each individual will be affected differently and subjected to varying levels of intensity. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more on this website!


Autism Treatments

"What kinds of Autism treatments are available for my child" is a very important question. There are different options to explore. It is important to note that what might work for one individual may not for another. Even families with more than one child with Autism sometimes have to try more than one form of Autism treatments.

Early intervention is important as children tend to absorb a great deal of information at a young age. Thus they have a great chance of inclusion in a classroom and greater chances of success the most common treatment of Autism is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) which works on correcting inappropriate patterns and correcting them with more socially acceptable behaviors.

In the beginning, a toy or a favorite food may be used as reinforcement for appropriate response. Eventually, the item will be removed from use when the behavior pattern becomes repetitive enough that the individual with Autism no longer needs the reward.

ABA is an intensive program that involves a qualified instructor who may spend as much as 40 hours a week at first with your child. ABA is a way of life as parents are expected to learn and follow through with it at home. Applied Behavior Analysis can also be very expensive. Many families love it but it is very intensive.

The first step should be to read further by purchasing a book on ABA or talking with families who have experienced it.

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) is another Autism therapy that is often used by speech language pathologists which has similarity to ABA in that it uses rewards as reinforcements when a picture is exchanged between the individual with Autism and the worker. It is often used with non-verbal individuals as a way to start communication.

Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a child psychiatrist, has developed a method entitled: "Floortime". In some ways, it is the opposite of behavior modification. Sessions tend to take place at home where children are more comfortable. At first, work or play is often done one on one. Later, as a child becomes more accepting, groups can be involved.

Child development workers, behavior therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists can be involved in this form of Autism treatment. The basic idea by Dr. Greenspan method is to develop a relationship with the child. Trying to create an emotional bond with the child, making eye contact with the child and teaching parents how to play with their children in a non-traditional way by following the child's lead and eventually, the child is willing to have you participate in what they are doing.

Many parents love this form of Autism therapy as they start to form an emotional bond with their son or daughter which is one of the greatest obstacles to overcome with Autism. Floortime can be harder to establish with children who are more severe in the fact that it can be difficult to get them to sit and play for extended periods of time.

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