What is Autism?
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that affects a person in various ways. It is a life changing disorder that affects a person's social skills, the functioning of the brain and several skills. A person diagnosed with ASD will also be affected by some possible issues that impair the quality of their life. Since this disorder is located on a spectrum, it means that each individual will be affected differently and subjected to varying levels of intensity. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more on this website!


Autism Jewelry

There are different types of Autism jewelry available in terms of what they look like and what they are intended for.

There are Autism awareness ribbons or Autism blue ribbons that are intended to raise money for Autism. Puzzle piece jewelry is intended to bring awareness to Autism through the puzzle piece symbols. These types of bracelet, necklace or earrings are often handcrafted and very colorful.

This type of jewelry is more expensive but is very beautiful and can have the individual's name on the bracelet.

We have some links below, to sites that offer the different types of jewelry to support Autism. If you wish to support Autism but jewelry is not your thing, then there are some other options such as: Autism magnets that can be displayed on your car window, bumper stickers, Autism T-shirts, etc.

Every contribution counts to help to find a cure for Autism. Please, visit these sites below, to view all their Autism awareness products from key chains to beautiful Autism jewelry.

If you are curious about the treatments available to treat Autism, I encourage you to visit the page called: Autism Treatments.

Recommended Autism sites:

Autism Today

Future Horizons

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